Your contribution for the Walking for Dreams event sponsored by the Sycamore Foundation will help the nonprofit organization chosen achieve their mission.

After you complete the form below, you will receive an email acknowledgement of your gift to the Sycamore Foundation and designated to the organization of your choice along with our tax information. As you are not receiving goods, services or any other items of value in exchange for this gift, your entire donation may be deductible as a charitable contribution.Please consult with your individual tax advisor for additional information.

Please note that your credit card statement will show a charge from Walking for Dreams Donation and this will be processed on behalf of the Sycamore Foundation and Dodson Group.

For your records, the Sycamore Foundation is recognized as a public foundation under section 509(a) (2) of the Internal Revenue code.Our tax identification number is 35-1859255. Thank you in advance for your donation to Walking for Dreams.